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Application – New Schools

If you are opening a new school, or if your school is not currently teaching with the Callan Method, and you would like to apply for Callan Accreditation please complete this form. If you have any questions please email us on

Please note that schools with multiple branches must apply for Accreditation for each branch individually.

Fields marked with a * are required.

If unknown at this time, please leave blank If unknown at this time, please leave blank

If the exact address unknown at this time, please just provide Town/ City + County/ State/ Province. This will ensure that you are not seeking to open a school in a territory which is already subject to a Territorial Exclusivity Licence.

If unknown at this time, please leave blank

If unknown at this time, please leave blank

Please explain if this is an owner-managed business, a partnership or a corporation

Capital + retained profits in the business by the business owner, or partnership capital of the partners + their retained profits or the share capital + reserves + accumulated profit of the shareholders. If this is a new business, please explain how the business will be funded, who is introducing the money and how much each person is introducing.

For an existing school changing to the Callan Method, please provide the date you would like to start introducing the Callan Method.

A rough estimate is acceptable.

Teachers in new schools and existing schools who are teaching with the Callan Method either for the first time or have less than 18 months’ experience teaching with the Callan Method will need their teachers to attend a 5-day Comprehensive Teacher Training Course. Those teachers who have been teaching the Callan Method properly for 18 months or longer will need to attend a 3-day refresher Teacher Development Course.

A rough estimate is acceptable

Please do not use family members or friends. Previous employers and professional associates are preferred.