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Registered Callan Method Teacher

Registered Callan Method Teacher

A Registered Callan Method Teacher is a teacher who has, independent of any Callan Method school, attended and successfully completed a Callan Method teacher training programme run by an approved Callan Method teacher trainer at any time in the last three years.

CMO will not recognise any person as a Registered Callan Method Teacher whose training to teach the Callan Method was initially arranged and paid for by a Callan Approved Customer if that person has, in the last eighteen months, been paid for teaching by the Approved Customer.

To maintain their registration, a Registered Callan Method Teacher will need to attend, and successfully complete, a Callan Method teacher revision programme at least once every three years.

Registered Callan Method Teachers may teach the Callan Method privately, in non-educational business premises or in a Callan Accredited School or with Callan Online Ltd. However, CMO will not sell Callan Method teaching materials to any Registered Teacher who teaches in a Territory in which CMO has entered into a Territorial Exclusivity Agreement.

Registered Callan Method Teachers must undertake to purchase a full set of Teacher’s Books, a Demonstration Chart and the Teacher’s Guide, and to ensure that all their students purchase a new, bona fide copy of the Callan Method Student’s Book appropriate to their level of learning.

The cost of the Registered Callan Method Teacher Scheme is £75.00 per year.

Registered Teachers may also select to offer their students access to the Callan Student Practice Area for a period of twelve months (from the date they are registered with CMO as a student by the teacher). This is optional and the fee is £50 per year for a maximum of 50 students registered at any one time.

For further information and to ensure you are not unknowingly teaching in an area deemed to be an Exclusive Territory, please contact

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