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Territorial Exclusivity

Accredited Schools have the option of applying for Territorial Exclusivity over their city or the area around the school.

Territorial Exclusivity gives you:

  • The sole right to use the Callan Method in an area
  • The confidence to invest in your business
  • The security that your staff won’t leave to set up in competition in your area
  • The authority to take action against those infringing on the Callan brand in your area

Pricing for Territorial Exclusivity is based on the radius of the area as follows:

TE Fee

       Radius of 1km: £500 pa

       Radius of 1.5km: £1,000 pa

       Radius of 2km: £2,000 pa

       Radius of 2.5km: £3,000 pa

Minimum book order (volume) 

        100 pa

       200 pa

       450 pa

       600 pa

All prices are + VAT where applicable.

  • In essence, the Territorial Exclusivity programme supports a school’s desire to invest in developing and growing their business.

    1. It stops anyone else from opening a school using the Callan Method in the exclusive territory.
    2. It makes it worthwhile for a school to invest in the training of its teachers in the Callan Method. It stops teachers from leaving their employment with the school to set up another school in the same area, in direct competition. The school’s business is therefore protected from their previous employees attempting to attract students away from their school.
    3. It makes it more worthwhile for a school to invest in promoting the Callan Method brand in their territory. Another Callan Method school will not be able to open up in the exclusive territory and take advantage of the school’s pioneering marketing work. It gives power to the school to prosecute for breaches of copyright and trade mark throughout by a third party school in the territory.
  • Under a Territorial Exclusivity Agreement we agree that:

    1. the school will have the exclusive right to use the Callan Method in the exclusive territory.
    2. we will not licence or give permission to any other person to open or operate a school teaching the Callan Method in the exclusive territory.
    3. we will not sell or distribute hard copies of the Callan Method teaching materials to any third party in the exclusive territory.
    4. we will not accredit any other school in the exclusive territory.
    5. we will not own, operate or run, whether directly or indirectly, a business in the exclusive territory teaching the Callan Method.
    6. we will not actively assist, whether directly or indirectly, any third party to run or operate a school teaching the Callan Method in the exclusive territory.
    7. the school will have the right, but not the obligation, to take legal action against any third party who is in breach of CMO’s intellectual property rights in the exclusive territory.
  • The geographical area can be defined by any of the following:

    • by known fixed boundaries, names of roads, rivers railway lines etc.
    • as being within so many kilometres radius of either the school premises or some landmark within the town or city, i.e. from the main square or a prominent statue.
    • by post codes or other equivalent area codes that are used in the relevant country.
    • by satellite grid co-ordinates.
    • by demarcation on a map.
    • Pricing is based on the approximate radius of the area.
  • We are very anxious to behave ethically in all our business dealings and, in these circumstances, it means not favouring one school over another or putting at risk already established businesses.  So, if there is another Callan Method school in your area then you should check with us before doing anything.  

    In outline:

    If, within the area you are requesting, a school has already been granted a Territorial Exclusivity Agreement then that territory has been reserved and we cannot offer it to anyone else.

    If the area involved is a large town or city and another school already has an exclusive territory then it might be that the defined territory in their Agreement is for only part of the city or town. Depending on the circumstances, there might be ample scope to offer a second area of exclusivity within a different vicinity and with a different student catchment area.

    Where there are two or three schools competing in the same area and those schools are all Callan Accredited Schools, or have applied to be Callan Accredited Schools, and one of them wants to enter into a Territorial Exclusivity Agreement with us, then we would advise schools of the request and seek to negotiate Territorial Exclusivity Agreements with all these schools. 

    In some large territories, where there are already several Callan Method schools operating, there might be an overlap of territory included, by negotiation, in two or more exclusive territories. 

    If a school has been offered an exclusive territory in writing by us and decides, after a reasonable period of contemplation, not to accept that offer then we will consider that we have honoured our ethical obligations to that customer and will be free to enter into a Territorial Exclusivity Agreement for that geographical area with a third party.

  • Territorial exclusivity is granted only to Callan Accredited Schools, or schools applying for Accreditation. The exclusivity term will be the same as the Accreditation term – a minimum of one year, renewable annually.  If a school fails to maintain its Accreditation, it will also lose its Territorial Exclusivity.

  • Within the Territorial Exclusivity Agreement there is a requirement for the school to purchase a minimum number of books each year. This does not place on the school an obligation to purchase a minimum number of books but in the event that sales fall below this level, we will raise the matter with the school and, ultimately, reserve the right to terminate the Agreement early if there is no satisfactory explanation for this. 

    The minimum number of books will be set at a figure below expected purchasing levels based on history of sales.  We have included this minimum book purchase requirement to avoid the situation of entering into a Territorial Exclusivity Agreement only to find that the school subsequently operates well below expectation or fails to open anticipated additional schools, in both cases adversely impacting upon CMO’s business.

  • Please do get in touch by emailing us at  It would be helpful if you could include in your email a marked up map or an outline description of the area you are interested in discussing.

    Please note that Territorial Exclusivity will only be granted to Accredited Schools or those applying to become Accredited.