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Registered Callan Method Teacher

The Registered Callan Method Teacher programme is for independent private teachers. As a Registered Teacher you will be able to:

– Advertise yourself as an official Registered Callan Method Teacher
– Access wholesale book prices
– Gain a listing on the official website
– Receive annual quality checks and feedback to help you improve your Callan Method teaching
– Participate in official Callan Method teacher training courses (fees apply)
– Give your students access to the Callan Student Practice Area of online interactive practice exercises and video dictations

Registered Callan Method Teachers may teach the Callan Method privately, in non-educational business premises or in a Callan Accredited School or with Callan Online. If you teach or plan to teach from your own premises (separate from your home) then you should apply for Callan Accreditation as a school.

Registered Callan Method Teachers must purchase the Registered Teacher Starter Pack, priced at £104.50 plus shipping costs, which contains one copy each of Teacher’s Books Stages 1 to 8, the Demonstration Chart, and the Teacher’s Guide. They must also ensure that all of their students purchase a new, bona fide copy of the Callan Method Student’s Book or eBook appropriate to their level of learning.

The annual cost of the Registered Callan Method Teacher Scheme is £75.00 plus £1 per student per annum, plus VAT where applicable.

If you already have experience teaching with the Callan Method then please fill out the application form below and send us a video of you teaching with the Callan Method (see the website section Teacher Demonstration Videos for details of how to do this). We will check your details and the quality of your teaching to make sure that you are delivering the Method correctly. It is possible that you may need to undertake training to reach the required standard. If that is the case we will give you information of forthcoming training courses.

If you have never taught with the Callan Method before then you will need to attend a teacher training course. Please contact us at to find out more and register your interest.

Please note that CMO cannot accept an application from you if your Callan Method training was paid for by a Callan Accredited School and if you have worked for that School in the last eighteen months. Furthermore, in geographic areas where we have granted Territorial Exclusivity to a Callan Accredited School we will not be able to accept a Registered Teacher application from you nor will we be able to sell Callan Method teaching materials to you. Email us on to check if your proposed location is in an area of Territorial Exclusivity.

Use the application form below or contact us on for more information.

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Download the Registered Callan Method Teacher terms and conditions